UFO: Afterlight wiki
Technology Accelerated Terraformation Game ID: 310, T_AdvancedComplexTerraforming
Man-days 120 Category Icon tech planetology.png Planetology
Requirements Icon tech reticulan.pngIrrigation
Icon tech beastmen.pngMass Breeding
Icon tech martian.pngPlanetary Magnetic Field
Icon tech planetology.pngTerraformation
Description If we combine the suitable technologies, we could make the terraformation process much faster.
Result Combining the technologies of irrigation, rapid plant growth and magnetic field strengthening may boost the speed of terraformation greatly. Our technicians should upgrade as many of our terraformation stations as possible. It may sound like a miracle, but this way, Mars could become perfectly habitable in the course of a year or two.
Advanced Terraforming Station Icon tech planetology.pngTerraforming Acceptable by Martians (90)