UFO: Afterlight wiki
Technology Advanced Mining Game ID: 337, T_AdvancedMining
Man-days 24 Category Icon tech planetology.png Planetology
Requirements Icon tech reticulan.pngCrystal Mining
Icon tech reticulan.pngNoble Metal Mining
Terraformation Progress 48% or up
Description It seems that Reticulans could extract much more raw material from their deposits. We should try to duplicate their technology.
Result Application of special chemical procedures can decrease the amounts of raw material that are left unused in debris. Our current mines must first be upgraded, but after this, their production should increase by twofold compared to before the upgrade.
Enables Advanced Metal Mine 4 man-days
Advanced Fuel Mine 4 man-days
Advanced Chemical Mine 4 man-days
Advanced Crystal Mine 6 man-days
Advanced Noble Metal Mine 6 man-days