UFO: Afterlight wiki
Technology Advanced Optics Game ID: 243, T_AdvancedOptics
Man-days 44 Category Icon tech earth.png Earth
Requirements Icon tech earth.pngCombat Detection Devices
Description We could try to make our observation devices more precise and sensitive.
Result Thorough research in the field of technical perception enables the manufacture of equipment that will help our soldiers. Scopes may be adjusted to the weapons to increase their precision, and visual aids will be very useful if their normal sight distance is reduced.
Al icon addon scope.jpgScope 7 man-daysOptical EngineeringMetal 1
Al icon addon computerized scope.jpgComputerized Scope 10 man-daysOptical EngineeringMetal 2Crystal 3
Al icon addon laser scope.jpgLaser Scope 6 man-daysOptical EngineeringMetal 1
Al icon addon infravision.jpgInfravision 6 man-daysOptical EngineeringChemical 1
Al icon addon night vision.jpgNight Vision 6 man-daysOptical EngineeringNoble Metal 1
Al icon addon advanced audio sensors.jpgAdvanced Audio Sensors 6 man-daysDrone AssemblyPrecision EngineeringNoble Metal 2
Al icon addon advanced video sensors.jpgAdvanced Video Sensors 7 man-daysDrone AssemblyOptical EngineeringNoble Metal 2Crystal 2
Al icon building optical engineering.jpgOptical Engineering 2 man-daysEnergy 4Crystal 1 Icon tech earth.pngComputer Aiming Support (91)
Icon tech martian.pngCloaking (132)