Game ID: AfterFirstAquaduct This event happens right after successfully accomplishing ⚔ First Aqueduct.

Plot Edit

It raise the issue that UFO does not have enough fuel to cover the entire aqueduct, and how to claim new territories to mine for more.

Previous event: Al icon eventRobots Attack Aqueduct
Next event: Attacks will migrate North, and will recur until the territories are claimed.

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc willhelm schrooten We may expect more robot assaults at the aqueduct, this time farther from the Base, but our fuel supply for UFO is not large enough to cover the whole length of the pipe-line.
Al icon pc neil barker The fuel we mine comes from the field north of the Base. I guess there should be a few more somewhere around.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez My team may establish automatic geological sondes in the neighboring regions. If we discover a new field, technicians could start building a mine immediately.
Al icon pc neil barker If they do, they should prospect for metal deposits and other raw materials we may badly need in the near future as well.