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Technology Ancient Martian Civilization Game ID: 256, T_PreviousCivExtinction
Man-days 31 Category Icon tech planetology.png Planetology
Requirements Any two of Al icon loot martian artifact ne106.jpgMartian Artifact NE106, Al icon loot martian artifact rp771.jpgMartian Artifact RP771, or Al icon loot martian artifact uw696.jpgMartian Artifact UW696
Description Studying the excavation site findings may reveal some interesting information about the lost Martian civilization.
Result Martians disappeared from the planet several million years before our arrival. It seems that they left intentionally and did not suddenly become extinct. Where they went we cannot tell at this moment, but the Martian archives will probably contain the answers to most of our questions. What we can be very sure about, is that their scientific knowledge was extraordinary, especially in the field of magnetism and plasma physics.
Enables Icon tech planetology.pngOriginal Inhabitants of Mars (9)