Al icon suit basic suit Basic Suit, Human Light Suit Game ID: 1, HumanLightBasicArmour
Suit Addon - Weight 15 kg
Bag 4x4
Technology - Factory Cannot be produced Resource -
Production - Assembly -

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 3
Al slot basic suit

Projectile 10%
Fire 10%
Melee 10%
EM 70%
Psionic 0%
Explosion 10%
Laser 10%

Initial Edit

The game starts with 7 of this suit, enough to equip a full team of human soldiers.

Game Description Edit

This suit offers only basic protection in combat and it is not possible to use it in areas with an excessively hostile environment.
This suit is always available to your troops. They will wear it if you assign them no other suit.