UFO: Afterlight wiki
Technology Battle Drones Game ID: 213, T_BattleDrones
Man-days 24 Category Icon tech earth.png Earth
Requirements Icon tech martian.pngAutomatic Defense System
Description The Martian battle drones are a great idea. Why not use automatons equipped with weapons and thus save human lives?
Result We adapted our labor robots and their artificial intelligence so that they can now take part in combat missions. Their electronic brains can learn from experience and so improve the drones’ abilities. Battle drones consist of a chassis, turret and weapon.
Al icon building drone assembly.jpgDrone Assembly 2 man-daysMetal 2
File:Al icon suit drone chassis.jpg Drone Chassis 3 man-daysDrone AssemblyMetal 1
Al icon suit turret.jpg Turret 1 man-daysDrone AssemblyMetal 2
File:Al icon ammo spare parts.jpgSpare Parts 1 man-daysDrone Assembly
Al icon ammo robot repair set.jpgRobot Repair Set 1 man-daysDrone Assembly
Al icon training minor automation.pngMinor Automation (2) Icon tech earth.pngAdvanced Robot Turret (31)
Icon tech earth.pngRobotic Chip Cards (40)
Icon tech martian.pngMartian Drones (45)