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Technology Beastman Autopsy Game ID: 203, T_BeastmanAutopsy
Man-days 18 Category Icon tech autopsy.png Autopsy
Al icon loot beastman soldier corpse.jpgBeastman Soldier Corpse Al icon building pathology department.jpgPathology Department
Description Studying a Beastman’s body may help us fighting against this enemy.
Result The Beastmen are strong and tough creatures, as can be easily seen from their body size. Above that, they enjoy weak regeneration ability. In other aspects, their physiology and anatomy are similar to humans and they are vulnerable to the same kinds of damage. They use mostly seeing and hearing, just as humans, but they also have perfect sense of smell.
Al icon training minor beastmen anatomy.pngMinor Beastmen Anatomy (3)
Al icon training major beastmen anatomy.pngMajor Beastmen Anatomy (3)
Icon tech interrogation.pngBeastman Soldier Interrogation (24)
Icon tech interrogation.pngBeastman Alchemist Interrogation (34)
Icon tech interrogation.pngBeastman Commander Interrogation (34)
Icon tech interrogation.pngBeastman Shaman Interrogation (45)
Icon tech beastmen.pngBeastman Plastics (120)