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Technology Beastman Shaman Interrogation Game ID: 204, T_BeastmanShamanInterrogation
Man-days 45 Category Icon tech interrogation.png Interrogation
Requirements Beastman Shaman Captive
Icon tech autopsy.pngBeastman Autopsy
Al icon building alien interrogation.jpgAlien Interrogation
Description The shamans seem to know a lot about the Beastmen's technology and culture - interrogating them may give us useful information.
Result The Beastman shamans play important role in their civilization. They carry out the rituals combining mystic and scientific techniques that enable them to control Mars' dangerous natural elements. They have worthwhile knowledge about biological manipulation. We have also learned from shaman how to use Beastman scanners.
Icon tech beastmen.pngMass Breeding
Al icon event.pngTerraform with Beastmen Technology
Al icon device beastman smell detector.jpg Beastman Smell Detector
Al icon device beastman heartbeat scanner.jpg Beastman Heartbeat Scanner