Civil engineering bay

Civil Engineering

Al icon building civil engineering Civil Engineering Game ID: 429, Bay-c
Building Type Exterior Capacity 8 technicians Can demolish? No
Size 1 block Man-hours Cannot be built Can have multiple? No
Enables Construction and upgrade of buildings.

This building is to the South-West of the Cryogenic Monument, and have a flashing light on its tower.

Technicians assigned here will perform base building constructions. The building queue cannot be rearranged, but for internal buildings constructions can be canceled and then re-issue them in desired order.

Initial Edit

The game starts with 1 Civil Engineering

Game Description Edit

The civil engineering yard acts as a support base to all technicians constructing buildings inside the Base. All construction materials, scaffolding and building machinery can be found here.
Technicians can be assigned to the civil engineering yard. If you start building a new construction inside the Base, technicians from the civil engineering yard will be assigned to this task.