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Technology Combat Explosives Game ID: 230, T_CombatExplosives
Man-days 30 Category Icon tech earth.png Earth
Requirements -
Description Explosive weapons are very useful, because they can hurt several enemies at the same time.
Result Grenades cause effective damage to all enemies standing near the place of impact. The soldiers does not need any device to throw grenades and quite a lot of them may be carried in the backpack.
Al icon building pyrotechnics range.jpgPyrotechnics Range 3 man-daysChemical 2
Al icon weapon defence grenade.jpg Defence Grenade 1 man-daysMetal 1Chemical 1
Al icon weapon attack grenade.jpg Attack Grenade 1 man-daysMetal 1Chemical 1
Icon tech earth.pngContact Mines (17)
Icon tech earth.pngCombat Combustibles (24)
Icon tech reticulan.pngRocket-Based Weapons (24)
Icon tech earth.pngNon-Lethal Combat (44)
Icon tech martian.pngMagnetic Pulse Grenades (60)