Command line options

Shortcut dialog showing some command line options

Command line options can be used to adjust game behaviour.

Steps Edit

  1. Quit the game if it is running.
  2. Right-click the game's shortcut and select [Properties].
  3. In the [Target] input box (under [Shortcut] tab), append " --options " after the last double quote, followed by command line options.
    1. Becareful to not change the existing path, otherwise game will not launch.
    2. You can copy the game's shortcut by copy and paste or right click drag, and modify the copies instead.
  4. Launch the game using modifi shortcut

Options Edit

All options can be set to true or false, and will override game config. Omitted options will use default or current config.

Skip introduction movies if set to true. Default false.
Force the game to launch in fullscreen (true) or windowed mode (false). Default use in-game option, initially true.
Enable game console which can be used for Cheats. Default false.
Force enable or disable video caption.

Example Edit

There are just example. Your game path may varies.

Force windowed mode:

  "C:\Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Afterlight\UFO.exe" --options fullscreen=false

Skipping intro and enable game console:

  "C:\Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Afterlight\UFO.exe" --options nointro=true enable_system_console=true