UFO: Afterlight wiki
Al icon suit computerised heavy suit.jpg Computerised Heavy Suit, Human Heavy Suit Game ID: 8, HumanHeavyAdvanceArmour
Suit Addon 2 Weight 25 kg
Bag 1 4x4 Bag 2 4x4
Technology Icon tech planetology.pngHi-Tech Armored Suit Factory Al icon building microelectronics.jpgMicroelectronics Resource Level 6Al resource energy.pngEnergy16-19
Level 4Al resource metal.pngMetal8-11
Level 3Al resource noble metal.pngNoble Metal4-7
Production 12 Assembly 7.5

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 7
Views and slots

Projectile 80%
Fire 60%
Melee 85%
EM 0%
Psionic 10%
Explosion 85%
Laser 80%

Computerised Heavy Suit is the ultimate heavy suit with best protection, best capacity, and second best Environment Hostility Resistance.

Game Description[]

The computerized components give further advantages to the classic heavy armor. It offers very good combat and environmental protection and two add-on slots.
Only soldiers with Major suit wearing training can wear this armor. Heavy armors are more bulky and soldiers wearing them are not able to pass through some narrow passages.