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Game ID: ReticulanRebels This event happens after human territory borders the Reticulan. Due to the proximity of the two sides, this is always caused by either side occupying one of the three territories to the South of Home Base.


This event mentions an alliance proposal from the Reticulan. This is always the first diplomacy deal in the game, but accepting it is not mandatory. Until the proposal is accepted, the Reticulans will invade Humans land as usual.

The Reticulans will keep offering alliance, even if the Humans keep attacking them, at least under normal difficulty. This can be used to accumulate loots and captives, and to gain access to the Reticulan main base, before forming an alliance (usually temporary).

Next event: Al icon event.pngReticulan Treason


Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg On exploring our new territory in the south, we ran into the Reticulans that brought us here and assisted us in founding our Mars colony.
Al icon npc rebels.jpg (Video Report with a reticulan speaking)
Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg [translating] They suggest cooperation. They offer their weapons and scientific support.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg And what do they ask for in exchange?
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg I bet that our enemies are hot on their heels as well.
Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg They even offer to send some of their... well, men, if we need them. They have serious problems with attacking robots and are asking for our help.