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Technology Crawling Drone Disassembly Game ID: 214, T_SpiderDroneDisassembly
Man-days 8 Category Icon tech martian.png Martian
Requirements Al icon loot martian crawling drone wreck.jpgMartian Crawling Drone Wreck
Description Our soldiers brought the body of Martian crawling drone back from a mission. We should study its construction.
Result The crawling drones use a similar type of movement to insects - not fast, but steady. Their artificial inteligence is the cause for delays in movement and attacking. Their metal bodies can be detected by electromagnetic scanning. To orientate themselves, they use only normal cameras. We are gaining a basic understanding of how the Martian drones work, later we could repair some of them and include them in our battle team.
Enables Icon tech martian.pngMartian Drones (45)