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Cryogenic Monument with UFO

Al icon building cryogenic monument.jpg Cryogenic Monument Game ID: 434/397/449/398/433,
Building Type Exterior Capacity - Can demolish? No
Size 5 blocks Man-hours Cannot be built Can have multiple? No
Enables Tactical missions through UFO

The monument is at the center of the base. It is also the launch pad for the UFO.

Soldiers need not be assigned to fly, but they must be in base and be ready (as shown in the squad screen).


The game starts with 1 Cryogenic Monument.

Game Description[]

Sometimes called the Mausoleum: this monumental building holds more then 10,000 people in cryogenic slumber, waiting for the time when Mars will be able to feed more than the few brave pinoeers. People may survive for centuries in this state, but it takes more than a year to wake them up.