UFO: Afterlight wiki

Every damage dealt in UFO: Afterlight belongs to exactly one damage type.

Each damage type has different effect and different effectiveness against different enemies. The reverse is also true, different enemies has different favored damage types and have different effectiveness against your spacesuits or soldier races.


Projectile is versatile and balanced. It is the primary weapon of beastmen. It has almost no effect against martians. Projectile has a moderate chance of damaging spacesuits.

Projectile weapons on the whole just cause temporary damage. There is a slight chance that they will knock down their victims or damage their spacesuits. They may also be used for destroying objects.


A few weapon deals fire damage. Beastmen has the most of them. Martians and reticulan has low resistance against fire. Explosion has a moderate chance of damaging spacesuits.

Area damage, mostly permanent, created by fire or acid. Weapons causing this type of damage may be used for destroying objects.


Melee typically deals high damage, is favored by martians, and is also particularly effective against martians. Most light suits are vulnearble to melee damage.

Melee weapons cause large mostly permanent damage, typically in the close combat. There is big chance that the spacesuit will be harmed. Melee weapon may be used for destroying objects.


EM damage is particularly effective against robots and heavy suits. Martian robots primary use EM weapons.

This type of damage is caused by electro-magnetic pulses like lightning or sparks. EM weapons deal mostly stun damage and are very useful against drones and metal armor.


Psionic damage has no effect againts robots, both human's and martians', and is favored by the Expedition. Among the suits, only medium suits can protect against them. Psionic damage has no chance to damage spacesuits, and cannot destroy objects.

Reticulan psionic weapons cause this type of mostly temporary damage. They may also cause other side effects on their victims, like confusion or stun.


Explosion is normally slow but forceful. Both human and beastmen use explosives. Martian has high resistance against explosions. Explosion has a high chance of damaging spacesuits.

Explosives deal massive damage and they often knock the enemy down. They are also dangerous to spacesuits and objects.


Reticulans favors laser, and also has relatively high resistance against them. Martian has very high resistance against laser.

Typical damage of Reticulan energy weapons. They create mostly temporary damage and have a slight chance of damaging spacesuits.