Al icon building dome.jpg
Dome Game ID: 436, Cupola
Building Type Exterior Capacity 16 interior blocks Can demolish? No
Size 1 block Man-hours 450 (18.26 man days) Can have multiple? Max. 7
Requirement Icon tech planetology.png Domes
Level 3 Al resource metal.png Metal4-7
Level 2 Al resource chemical.png Chemical2-3
Produces -
Enables -
Upgrades From - To -

The game starts with 3 Domes, hosing 6 initial buildings.

Building just two more dome already provides enough space for max numbers of all internal buildings, except for Hospital Ward.

With careful planning, even one more dome (4 total) can fit three labs and two workshops, enough for everyone to work, but it is pretty difficult.

Game Description

The dome’s infrastructure maintains the conditions needed for the survival of human beings. Most of the buildings in the Base can only be built inside domes.
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