UFO: Afterlight wiki
Technology EM Weapons Handling Game ID: 300, T_EMWeaponsHandling
Man-days 60 Category Icon tech martian.png Martian
Requirements Al icon weapon lightning thrower.jpg Lightning Thrower
Al icon building shooting range.jpgShooting Range
Al icon building magnetron.jpgMagnetron
Description Martians seem to be much more vulnerable to EM pulses than bullets. We should try to use their own weapons against them.
Result It will be hard for our soldiers to use Martian EM weapons, but it is possible. With some effort, they can learn how to operate them, but they will never be able to use them in the same way that Martians do. The members of that race can enhance the weapon's performance with their ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields, effectively increasing its accuracy, range and damage.
Al icon training minor em weapons.pngMinor EM Weapons (1)
Al icon training major em weapons.pngMajor EM Weapons (2)
Al icon weapon light sword.jpg Light Sword
Al icon weapon martian pulse grenade.jpg Martian Pulse Grenade
Icon tech martian.pngMagnetic Pulse Grenades (60)
Icon tech martian.pngLightning Balls (90)
Icon tech martian.pngEM Weapons Manufacture (106)