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Technology Earth Technologies Game ID: 254, T_EarthTechnologies1
Man-days 16 Category Icon tech earth.png Earth
Al icon event.pngEarth Technology Al icon building data accessory.jpgData Accessory
Description Some of the knowledge we had on Earth has been lost during our stay on Mars. We have an opportunity to renew it.
Result Analysis of the vast data files sent from Earth open up a handful of opportunities for our further growth. Now we have a lot of detailed information about weapon construction, material processing, combat tactics and so on. Our researchers just need to apply this information to our specific circumstances.
Al icon building precision engineering.jpgPrecision Engineering 2 man-daysMetal 3Chemical 4
Al icon building chemical plant.jpgChemical Plant 2 man-daysMetal 3Chemical 4
Al icon building advanced foundry.jpgAdvanced Foundry 3 man-daysMetal 4Chemical 3Noble Metal 1
Al icon training major earth technology.pngMajor Earth Technology (3)
Icon tech earth.pngContact Mines (17)
Icon tech earth.pngAdvanced Earth Technologies (26)
Icon tech earth.pngSpecial Military Operations (28)
Icon tech earth.pngAdvanced Metallurgy (30)
Icon tech earth.pngImproved Vehicle Engine (31)
Icon tech planetology.pngFossil Fuel Power Plant (31)
Icon tech earth.pngAdvanced Firearms (48)
Icon tech earth.pngSupercomputers (89)