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Game ID: EarthInfo1 This event happens after Al icon event.pngContact with Servants or Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa, and can be triggered by either:

  1. Build Al icon building data accessory.jpgData Accessory and then actively share data with Al faction servants.jpgServants from diplomacy screen, before the Al faction laputians.jpgLaputians takes over.
  2. Build Al icon building satellite.jpgSatellite and proceed with Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa. Data Accessory is not required.

In both case, the data will be received in 24 hours.
To get it from Servants, data must be shared before 53-05-17 14:30.
To get it from Laputa, the earliest possible time is around 53-05-18 13:45, and this will happens between the contact event's diplomatic message and its main meeting. Note that Data Accessory is still required to research the technology.


This event enables Icon tech earth.pngEarth Technologies, and states that the data is indeed very useful but need to be researched first.

Previous event: Al icon event.pngContact with Servants or Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa
Next events: Al icon event.pngFirst Spaceship Launched


Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg We have obtained the scientific data from the Earth. There is quite a large amount of it, to tell the truth.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg We will have to analyze them first. It won't take long, but still we need some time.
Al icon pc jacqueline wells.jpg So we'll be able to produce new weapons and equipment soon?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg Yes, but we need to put the theoretical knowledge to practical use in our situation.