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Game ID: 35, ExpeditionApproaches This event happens as soon as humans discovered Al faction expedition.jpgExpedition territories.

The Expedition must control a territory for this to happens. If this does not happen - for example because all their landing territories were claimed by humans and all ⚔ Counter Expedition Landing ended in victory, then this event will never happen.

On the other hand, failing any of the counter landing missions will result in that territory claimed by Expedition, immediately triggering this event. However this may result in the Expedition having no Main Base, making the game impossible to win if the Reticulan Main Base were also lost, e.g. to Beastmen.

Peace will be offered when human is not in peace or allied with Al faction reticulans.jpgReticulans. Accepting peace will immediate cease all Expedition invasions, including the counter landing missions.


The Expedition offers peace under certain conditions. The diplomacy screen is immediately brought up, even if the conditions are not meet.

Previous event: Al icon event.pngExpedition Arrives in Peace or Al icon event.pngExpedition Arrives in War
Next event: Al icon event.pngMartians Arrives in Peace or Al icon event.pngMartians Arrives in War


Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg We have contacted the new Reticulan arrivals at last. Until now, we could do nothing but fight them.
Al icon npc expedition.jpg (Video Report with a reticulan speaking)
Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg [translating] Their main intention is to punish those members of their race, who refused to accept the decision of their civilization and tried to destroy Earth. They themselves have had nothing to do with this activity and they regret the thwarted development of civilization. If we want an alliance with them, we must break any peace agreement with the rebels, if one exists that is.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg Peace is better than war. What are their other goals? Do they look only for cease-fire or are they willing to accept cooperation on a larger scale?
Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg [translating] If we desire, they are ready to forge an alliance with humans. However, they reserve the right to postpone the decision as they have no experience with our civilization and they are not sure if we are trustworthy.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg Their cousins destroyed our home planet and they doubt our trustworthiness! All right, a ceasefire is the most important thing at this moment, to leave our hands free for the war against the Beastmen.
Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg They have also known the Beastmen's aggression so they will enjoy the peace as well.