As your Afterlight AL:characters make accomplishments, they will gain experience (XP). When they gain enough experience, they will gain a new level, which raise their capability.

  • For soldiers, experience is gained from joining missions and dealing damages.
  • For scientists, experience is gained from research process and finishing stations, healing comrades in battles as well as present in scientific mission.
  • For technicians, experience is gained from production process, base building process, and finishing stations. In battles, they gain a little from fixing suits.

All classes gain one training point each levelup, and you can use that to choose trainings. Soldier and subclass can gain one point to customize their character setting to help with their combat capability. Nonhumans got some differences from human in character settings, and has some effect in combat.

The following table shows the experience required to reach a new level. For example, a level 2 character need 60 XP to reach level 3, and a level 20 character needs 9603 XP to reach level 21.

Level Need XP     Level Need XP
1 0 22 13443
2 35 23 19492
3 60 24 29239
4 85 25 46782
5 110 26 74852
6 143 27 125751
7 186 28 221323
8 241 29 407233
9 314 30 749308
10 408 31 1438670
11 530 32 2762250
12 690 33 5303520
13 898 34 10182750
14 1173 35 19551000
15 1538 36 40404040
16 2041 37 84848484
17 2732 38 188888888
18 3729 39 424242424
19 5236 40 1000000000
20 7487 41 2000000000
21 9603 42 2000000000


Technicians in tech truck and scientists in science buggy can accrue more experience building stations and mines on Mars than working in Workshops and research in Labs. Building base's facilities and upgrades can provide equivalent tech exp but is dependant on when you have something to build.

Soldier can invest points into stat for each combat level point. At level 24 the stats should all be supernatural and cant be increased any more. Skills can be raised higher than SN into Divine, Extra Divine, Ultra Divine by injecting drugs into that soldier to boost stats which then raise skills. Level 24+ should provide extra, off-the-scene buffs only, and possible by participating in every combat from start to late game (later than even moon missions)

It should be nearly impossible for scientists and technicians to level up to 24 in their respective fields. Workshops and labs provide a so-so amount of xp. Building base facilities provide better amount but the works are limited unless you make-work by building then destroying facilities. Technical truck provide best xp but that would require a dedicated trucker from start to finish. Even then it would not reach 20s level. Scientist has more chance by healing wounded soldiers in battles or by environmental hazards but that would require a dedicated sol/sci joining every battle. And even then they would, maybe, reach 20. Since battles are spread around on most sol/sci, this level of achievement is stalled.

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