UFO: Afterlight wiki
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg Fernando Ramirez, Male HumanGame ID: 13, Fernando Ramirez
Voice Cast: Vince Marzello
Character Name Fernando Ramirez Nick Fernando Class Scientist
Title Research Director When Stressed
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc diego ramirez.jpgDiego Ramirez
Starting Level Scientist 5 Training Al icon training minor earth technology.pngMinor Earth Technology
Condition Al icon event.pngGame Start
Honorary Facility Ramirez powerplant
Technology Ramirez Principle Weapon Ramirez rifle
Ramirez grenade
Ammo Ramirez battery


The most experienced scientist in the colony. Sometimes his intellectual prowess makes him hard to get on with and he can seem arrogant to other people. His work and studies did not allow him to spend much time with his son - Diego, who badly missed father's attention.