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Technology Firearms Game ID: 226, T_Firearms
Man-days 16 Category Icon tech earth.png Earth
Requirements -
Description Firearms were the most typical ranged weapons on Old Earth. We need to adapt their functionality so they can be used on Mars.
Result Small modifications to the blueprints we brought from Earth have adapted firearms to Mars' environment. We can now manufacture these effective weapons and their ammo to be used by our soldiers in combat.
Al icon building shooting range.jpgShooting Range 2 man-daysMetal 2
Al icon weapon pistol.jpg Pistol 3 man-daysEnergy 1Metal 1
Al icon weapon rifle.jpg Rifle 4 man-daysEnergy 1Metal 2
Al icon ammo projectile magazine.jpgProjectile Magazine 1 man-daysMetal 1
Al icon weapon robot projectile weapon.jpg Robot Projectile Weapon 4 man-daysDrone AssemblyEnergy 1Metal 2
Al icon ammo robot projectile ammo.jpgRobot Projectile Ammo 1 man-daysDrone AssemblyMetal 1
Icon tech earth.pngAdvanced Firearms (48)