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Game ID: LaputaRequestMaterialSuccess_LL This event happens 168 hours (6 days 20 hours 6 min) after Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa .

Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpgMary Osakwe will report and log that request for help from Earth now might be successful. When this happens, requesting supplies from Earth would trigger this event.


The laputians has secured victory and has launched a unmanned resource spaceship to Mars.

Previous event: Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa
Next events: Al icon event.pngFirst Spaceship Arrival

Diplomatic Message[]

When supplies are first requested:

Laputian diplomat Finally, we have beaten all the remnants of our human and alien enemies on Earth. We can send a spaceship with material and equipment on its journey to Mars.

Subsequence requests will be meet with this response:

Laputian diplomat The spaceship with raw materials and equipment has just taken off.

After 72 hours (2 days 22 hours 42 min), the laputians will send a reminder. Going to the diplomacy screen will see the same auto play message saying the spaceship has taken off. This action is not necessary for the spaceship to arrives.