UFO: Afterlight wiki
Al icon building fossile power plant.jpg Fossile Power Plant Game ID: 423, FossilePowerUpgrade
Building Type Exterior Capacity - Can demolish? No
Size 1 block Man-hours 120 (4.87 man days) Can have multiple? No
Requirement Icon tech planetology.pngFossil Fuel Power Plant
Level 3Al resource metal.pngMetal4-7
Level 4Al resource fuel.pngFuel8-11
Produces 12 units of Al resource energy.pngEnergy (Level 5 Large)
Upgrades From Al icon building solar power plant.jpgSolar Power Plant To Al icon building alien power plant.jpgAlien Power Plant

Raising energy level from 3 to 5 will enables many new buildings and new productions, making this a very important upgrade.

Game Description[]

This power plant burns the fossil fuel found on Mars and transforms it into electricity. Power stations on old Earth worked on a similar principle.
Fossil power plant provides an Energy level of Large.