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Game data structure

Most important game data is stored in gamedata.vfs, and can be extracted by vfs tools such as flux's vfs-tool or VFS View.

This page will list the location of most important data. The official documentation describes many of the content, but it is not necessary for decipering major data.

There is also a design documentation available on the designer's portfolio, however it contains more formula than data.

Text resource Edit

All text in the game is contained in localization packs. For example, searching for "Walther P22" in equipment data will yield no result, because this name is in the localization pack, and game data either use its id "32" or internal name "AncientPistol".

You can find exact in-game descriptions and dialogs from the pack. You can also find internal ids from the pack by searching for in-game names.

Localization\LocalizationPack.vfs (or one of the language vfs in subdirectory)

After extraction, look for {language}\pack.txt

Game data Edit

Al data grenade

Grenade attack formula

Most game system data is contained in gamedata.vfs. Events and missions are scripted in Lua.

Below is a list of some more important data:

  • Icons and images (in tga format): interface\textures
  • Technologies: game\configs\strategic\research\technology.txt (Index)
  • Equipments (weapons, devices, ammo, addons, artifects etc): items\configs\equipment.txt (Index)
  • Buildings: game\configs\strategic\buildings\building.txt (Index)
  • Stations: game\configs\strategic\entity\station.txt (Index)
  • Territories: game\configs\strategic\maps\territory.txt (Index)
  • Training list: game\units\strategic\trainings.txt (Index)
  • Diplomacy deals: game\configs\strategic\diplomacy\diplomacycontract.txt
  • Event list: game\configs\strategic\events\meetings.txt
  • Event trigger: game\configs\strategic\events\trigger.txt (Index)
  • Scripts: game\scripts\*\*.lua
  • Tactical effect: game\items\configs\effect.txt (Index)