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Raw and simplified training table from gamedata.vfs/units/configs/training.txt

This list should be regarded as game system implementation and used only for reference.

Id Name English Point Race class require tech effect icon
36 AlienBiologyMajor Major alien biology 1 Human scientist Minor medicine T_AlienBiology AlienBiologyMajorEffect cAlienBiologyMajor
42 BeastTechnologyMajor Major Beastmen technology 3 Human scientist Minor Reticulan technology T_BeastmenCommanderInterrogation BeastmanTechnologyMajorEffect cBeastTechnologyMajor
38 HumanTechologyMajor Major Earth technology 3 Human scientist Minor alien biology T_EarthTechnologies1 HumanTechnologyBoosterII cHumanTechologyMajor
44 MartTechnologyMajor Major Martian technology 3 Human scientist Minor Beastmen technology T_MartianArchives MartianTechnologyMajorEffect cMartTechnologyMajor
34 MedicineMajor Major medicine 2 Human scientist Minor Martian anatomy T_AdvancedMedicine MedicineMajorEffect cMedicineMajor
70 MindProbeMajor Major mind probe 1 Human scientist Minor psionic support InterrogationTechnologyBoosterIIRet cMindProbeMajor
46 PlanetologyMajor Major planetology 3 Human scientist Minor Martian technology T_BasicComplexTerraforming PlanetologyMajorEffect cPlanetologyMajor
68 PsionicSupportMajor Major psionic support 3 Human scientist Minor human combat PsionicKillingAura cPsionicSupportMajor
40 RetTechnologyMajor Major Reticulan technology 3 Human scientist Minor Earth technology T_ReticulanTechnologies1 ReticulanTechnologyMajorEffect cRetTechnologyMajor
35 AlienBiologyMinor Minor alien biology 1 Human scientist T_AlienBiology AlienBiologyMinorEffect cAlienBiologyMinor
41 BeastTechnologyMinor Minor Beastmen technology 2 Human scientist T_BeastmenSoldierInterrogation BeastmenTechnologyBoosterI cBeastTechnologyMinor
37 HumanTechologyMinor Minor Earth technology 3 Human scientist HumanTechnologyBoosterI cHumanTechologyMinor
43 MartTechnologyMinor Minor Martian technology 2 Human scientist T_MartianArchives MartianTechnologyBoosterI cMartTechnologyMinor
33 MedicineMinor Minor medicine 2 Human scientist MedicineMinorEffect cMedicineMinor
69 MindProbeMinor Minor mind probe 1 Human scientist InterrogationTechnologyBoosterIRet cMindProbeMinor
45 PlanetologyMinor Minor planetology 3 Human scientist PlanetologyMinorEffect cPlanetologyMinor
67 PsionicSupportMinor Minor psionic support 3 Human scientist PsionicSupportMinorEffect cPsionicSupportMinor
39 RetTechnologyMinor Minor Reticulan technology 2 Human scientist ReticulanTechnologyBoosterI cRetTechnologyMinor
120 M_AlienBiologyMajor Major alien biology 1 Martian scientist Minor gunman T_AlienBiology AlienBiologyMajorEffect cAlienBiologyMajor
124 M_BeastTechnologyMajor Major Beastmen technology 3 Martian scientist Minor medicine T_BeastmenCommanderInterrogation BeastmanTechnologyMajorEffect cBeastTechnologyMajor
118 M_MedicineMajor Major medicine 2 Martian scientist Minor Reticulan anatomy MedicineMajorEffect cMedicineMajor
126 M_PlanetologyMajor Major planetology 3 Martian scientist Minor alien biology PlanetologyMajorEffect cPlanetologyMajor
122 M_RetTechnologyMajor Major Reticulan technology 3 Martian scientist Minor skirmisher T_ReticulanTechnologies1 ReticulanTechnologyMajorEffect cRetTechnologyMajor
119 M_AlienBiologyMinor Minor alien biology 1 Martian scientist T_AlienBiology AlienBiologyMinorEffect cAlienBiologyMinor
123 M_BeastTechnologyMinor Minor Beastmen technology 2 Martian scientist T_BeastmenSoldierInterrogation BeastmenTechnologyBoosterII cBeastTechnologyMinor
117 M_MedicineMinor Minor medicine 2 Martian scientist MedicineMinorEffect cMedicineMinor
125 M_PlanetologyMinor Minor planetology 3 Martian scientist PlanetologyMinorEffect cPlanetologyMinor
121 M_RetTechnologyMinor Minor Reticulan technology 2 Martian scientist ReticulanTechnologyBoosterI cRetTechnologyMinor
102 R_BeastTechnologyMajor Major Beastmen technology 3 Reticulan scientist Minor Martian anatomy T_BeastmenCommanderInterrogation BeastmanTechnologyMajorEffect cBeastTechnologyMajor
104 R_MartTechnologyMajor Major Martian technology 3 Reticulan scientist Minor gunman T_MartianArchives MartianTechnologyMajorEffect cMartTechnologyMajor
106 R_PlanetologyMajor Major planetology 3 Reticulan scientist Minor Beastmen technology PlanetologyMajorEffect cPlanetologyMajor
101 R_BeastTechnologyMinor Minor Beastmen technology 2 Reticulan scientist T_BeastmenSoldierInterrogation BeastmenTechnologyBoosterI cBeastTechnologyMinor
103 R_MartTechnologyMinor Minor Martian technology 2 Reticulan scientist T_MartianArchives MartianTechnologyBoosterI cMartTechnologyMinor
105 R_PlanetologyMinor Minor planetology 3 Reticulan scientist PlanetologyMinorEffect cPlanetologyMinor
137 OlgaSpecial Fast learning 0 Human soldier FastLearning cOlgaSpecial
8 AmbidexterityMajor Major ambidexterity 3 Human soldier Major athletics RealAmbidexterity cAmbidexterityMajor
4 AthleticsMajor Major athletics 2 Human soldier Minor athletics SpeedBonus cAthleticsMajor
30 BeastAnatomyMajor Major Beastmen anatomy 3 Human soldier Minor Reticulan anatomy T_BeastmanAutopsy BonusBeastmenHigh cBeastAnatomyMajor
64 RetBeastAnatomyMajor Major Beastmen anatomy 3 Human soldier Minor human anatomy T_BeastmanAutopsy BonusBeastmenHigh cBeastAnatomyMajor
74 MartBeastAnatomyMajor Major Beastmen anatomy 3 Human soldier Minor bouncing T_BeastmanAutopsy BonusBeastmenHigh cBeastAnatomyMajor
78 BlurMajor Major blur 2 Human soldier Minor invisibility BlurLeadershipExtra cBlurMajor
72 BouncingMajor Major bouncing 2 Human soldier Minor mind probe BouncingMajorEffect cBouncingMajor
2 CoverMajor Major Cover 1 Human soldier Minor Cover T_SpecialMilitaryOperations FriendlyFireHitDecrease cCoverMajor
22 EMEquipmentMajor Major EM weapons 2 Human soldier Minor plasma equipment T_EMWeaponsHandling EMPWeaponAccuracyBonus cEMEquipmentMajor
80 GunmanMajor Major gunman 2 Human soldier Minor blur T_Firearms SnapshotBonus cGunmanMajor
18 HeavyEquipmentMajor Major heavy equipment 3 Human soldier Minor sniper HeavyEquipMajorGroup cHeavyEquipmentMajor
62 HumanAnatomyMajor Major human anatomy 2 Human soldier Minor psionic weapons BonusHumanHigh cHumanAnatomyMajor
66 HumanCombatMajor Major human combat 2 Human soldier Minor Beastmen anatomy RetHumanCombatMajorEffects cHumanCombatMajor
76 InvisibilityMajor Major invisibility 4 Human soldier Minor Beastmen anatomy WalkWhenInvisible cInvisibilityMajor
24 LeadershipMajor Major leadership 2 Human soldier Minor EM weapons T_MilitaryTraining PsiDefenseLeadership cLeadershipMajor
32 MartAnatomyMajor Major Martian anatomy 2 Human soldier Minor Beastmen anatomy T_MartianAutopsy BonusMartiansHigh cMartAnatomyMajor
20 PlasmaWeaponsMajor Major plasma equipment 2 Human soldier Minor heavy equipment T_PlasmaWeaponsHandling PlasmaWeaponAccuracyBonus cPlasmaWeaponsMajor
60 PsionicEquipmentMajor Major psionic weapons 4 Human soldier Minor driving UseMindController cPsionicEquipmentMajor
28 RetAnatomyMajor Major Reticulan anatomy 2 Human soldier Minor stalking T_ReticulanAutopsy BonusReticulansHigh cRetAnatomyMajor
82 SkirmisherMajor Major skirmisher 3 Human soldier Minor gunman T_MilitaryTraining PhysicalBonus cSkirmisherMajor
16 SniperMajor Major sniper 4 Human soldier Minor toughness T_AdvancedFirearms BodyPartAiming cSniperMajor
10 GoodBalanceMajor Major stability 2 Human soldier Minor ambidexterity ExplosionDodge cGoodBalanceMajor
26 StalkingMajor Major stalking 2 Human soldier Minor leadership T_Cloaking StalkingMajor cStalkingMajor
12 SuitWearingMajor Major suit wearing 2 Human soldier Minor stability T_HeavyDutySuit HeavySuitWearing cSuitWearingMajor
14 SoundHealthMajor Major toughness 3 Human soldier Minor suit wearing T_Medicine SoundHealthMajorEffect cSoundHealthMajor
7 AmbidexterityMinor Minor ambidexterity 2 Human soldier FasterEquip cAmbidexterityMinor
3 AthleticsMinor Minor athletics 2 Human soldier EnableRunning cAthleticsMinor
29 BeastAnatomyMinor Minor Beastmen anatomy 3 Human soldier T_BeastmanAutopsy BonusBeastmenLow cBeastAnatomyMinor
63 RetBeastAnatomyMinor Minor Beastmen anatomy 3 Human soldier T_BeastmanAutopsy BonusBeastmenLow cBeastAnatomyMinor
73 MartBeastAnatomyMinor Minor Beastmen anatomy 3 Human soldier T_BeastmanAutopsy BonusBeastmenLow cBeastAnatomyMinor
77 BlurMinor Minor blur 3 Human soldier BlurLeadership cBlurMinor
71 BouncingMinor Minor bouncing 2 Human soldier BouncingMinorEffect cBouncingMinor
1 CoverMinor Minor Cover 1 Human soldier T_SpecialMilitaryOperations CoverBonus cCoverMinor
21 EMEquipmentMinor Minor EM weapons 1 Human soldier T_EMWeaponsHandling UseEMPEquipment cEMEquipmentMinor
79 GunmanMinor Minor gunman 2 Human soldier T_Firearms GunmanMinorEffect cGunmanMinor
17 HeavyEquipmentMinor Minor heavy equipment 2 Human soldier UseHeavyEquip cHeavyEquipmentMinor
61 HumanAnatomyMinor Minor human anatomy 2 Human soldier BonusHumanLow cHumanAnatomyMinor
65 HumanCombatMinor Minor human combat 2 Human soldier RetHumanCombatMinorEffects cHumanCombatMinor
75 InvisibilityMinor Minor invisibility 3 Human soldier InvisibilityMajorEffect cInvisibilityMinor
23 LeadershipMinor Minor leadership 2 Human soldier T_MilitaryTraining SpeedLeadership cLeadershipMinor
31 MartAnatomyMinor Minor Martian anatomy 2 Human soldier T_MartianAutopsy BonusMartiansLow cMartAnatomyMinor
19 PlasmaWeaponsMinor Minor plasma equipment 1 Human soldier T_PlasmaWeaponsHandling UsePlasmaWeapon cPlasmaWeaponsMinor
59 PsionicEquipmentMinor Minor psionic weapons 3 Human soldier UsePsiEquipment cPsionicEquipmentMinor
27 RetAnatomyMinor Minor Reticulan anatomy 2 Human soldier T_ReticulanAutopsy BonusReticulansLow cRetAnatomyMinor
81 SkirmisherMinor Minor skirmisher 1 Human soldier T_MilitaryTraining SkirmisherMinorGroup cSkirmisherMinor
15 SniperMinor Minor sniper 3 Human soldier T_AdvancedFirearms SniperMinorEffect cSniperMinor
9 GoodBalanceMinor Minor stability 2 Human soldier SureStanding cGoodBalanceMinor
25 StalkingMinor Minor stalking 2 Human soldier T_SpecialMilitaryOperations StealthCommonExtraBonus cStalkingMinor
11 SuitWearingMinor Minor suit wearing 1 Human soldier SuitExtraMovementType cSuitWearingMinor
13 SoundHealthMinor Minor toughness 2 Human soldier T_Medicine HPBonus cSoundHealthMinor
114 M_GunmanMajor Major gunman 2 Martian soldier Major planetology T_Firearms SnapshotBonus cGunmanMajor
110 M_HeavyEquipmentMajor Major heavy equipment 2 Martian soldier Minor Martian technology CapacityBonus cHeavyEquipmentMajor
112 M_RetAnatomyMajor Major Reticulan anatomy 2 Martian soldier Minor planetology T_ReticulanAutopsy BonusReticulansHigh cRetAnatomyMajor
116 M_SkirmisherMajor Major skirmisher 3 Martian soldier Minor heavy equipment T_MilitaryTraining PhysicalBonus cSkirmisherMajor
113 M_GunmanMinor Minor gunman 2 Martian soldier T_Firearms GunmanMinorEffect cGunmanMinor
109 M_HeavyEquipmentMinor Minor heavy equipment 2 Martian soldier UseHeavyEquip cHeavyEquipmentMinor
111 M_RetAnatomyMinor Minor Reticulan anatomy 2 Martian soldier T_ReticulanAutopsy BonusReticulansLow cRetAnatomyMinor
115 M_SkirmisherMinor Minor skirmisher 1 Martian soldier T_MilitaryTraining SkirmisherMinorGroup cSkirmisherMinor
86 R_AmbidexterityMajor Major ambidexterity 3 Reticulan soldier Minor cover RealAmbidexterity cAmbidexterityMajor
84 R_CoverMajor Major cover 2 Reticulan soldier Minor skirmisher T_SpecialMilitaryOperations FriendlyFireHitDecrease cCoverMajor
94 R_EMEquipmentMajor Major EM weapons 2 Reticulan soldier Major sniper T_EMWeaponsHandling EMPWeaponAccuracyBonus cEMEquipmentMajor
100 R_GunmanMajor Major gunman 2 Reticulan soldier Minor stalking T_Firearms SnapshotBonus cGunmanMajor
98 R_MartAnatomyMajor Major Martian anatomy 2 Reticulan soldier Minor EM weapons T_MartianAutopsy BonusMartiansHigh cMartAnatomyMajor
92 R_PlasmaWeaponsMajor Major plasma equipment 2 Reticulan soldier Minor sniper T_PlasmaWeaponsHandling PlasmaWeaponAccuracyBonus cPlasmaWeaponsMajor
88 R_SniperMajor Major sniper 4 Reticulan soldier Minor ambidexterity T_AdvancedFirearms BodyPartAiming cSniperMajor
96 R_StalkingMajor Major stalking 2 Reticulan soldier Minor plasma equipment T_Cloaking StalkingMajor cStalkingMajor
85 R_AmbidexterityMinor Minor ambidexterity 2 Reticulan soldier FasterEquip cAmbidexterityMinor
83 R_CoverMinor Minor cover 2 Reticulan soldier T_SpecialMilitaryOperations CoverBonus cCoverMinor
93 R_EMEquipmentMinor Minor EM weapons 1 Reticulan soldier T_EMWeaponsHandling UseEMPEquipment cEMEquipmentMinor
99 R_GunmanMinor Minor gunman 2 Reticulan soldier T_Firearms GunmanMinorEffect cGunmanMinor
97 R_MartAnatomyMinor Minor Martian anatomy 2 Reticulan soldier T_MartianAutopsy BonusMartiansLow cMartAnatomyMinor
91 R_PlasmaWeaponsMinor Minor plasma equipment 1 Reticulan soldier T_PlasmaWeaponsHandling UsePlasmaWeapon cPlasmaWeaponsMinor
87 R_SniperMinor Minor sniper 3 Reticulan soldier T_AdvancedFirearms SniperMinorEffect cSniperMinor
95 R_StalkingMinor Minor stalking 2 Reticulan soldier T_SpecialMilitaryOperations StealthCommonExtraBonus cStalkingMinor
135 MonitorMinor Accurate monitoring 2 Robot soldier T_MinorEnhacements MonitorMinorEffect cMonitorMinor
136 MonitorMajor Extra accurate monitoring 3 Robot soldier Large memory T_MajorEnhancements MonitorMajorEffect cMemoryMinor
128 ProcessorMajor Extra fast processor 3 Robot soldier Minor Reticulan technology T_MajorEnhancements ProcessorMajorEffect cProcessorMajor
130 MemoryMajor Extra large memory 3 Robot soldier Minor Beastmen technology T_MajorEnhancements MemoryMajorEffect cMemoryMajor
134 GearMajor Extra precise gear 3 Robot soldier Fast processor T_MajorEnhancements GearMajorEffect cGearMajor
132 SensorMajor Extra responsive sensors 3 Robot soldier Minor planetology T_MajorEnhancements SensorMajorEffect cSensorMajor
127 ProcessorMinor Fast processor 2 Robot soldier T_MinorEnhacements ProcessorMinorEffect cProcessorMinor
129 MemoryMinor Large memory 2 Robot soldier T_MinorEnhacements MemoryMinorEffect cMemoryMinor
133 GearMinor Precise gear 2 Robot soldier T_MinorEnhacements GearMinorEffect cGearMinor
131 SensorMinor Responsive sensors 2 Robot soldier T_MinorEnhacements SensorMinorEffect cSensorMinor
50 AutomationMajor Major automation 3 Human technician Minor surveyor T_MartianDronesRemoteControl AutomationMajorEffect cAutomationMajor
54 CivilEngineeringMajor Major civil engineering 2 Human technician Minor weapon smith T_BaseEnlargement BaseBuildingBoosterII cCivilEngineeringMajor
58 DrivingMajor Major driving 2 Human technician Minor suit handling T_MartianDronesRemoteControl RobotSpeedLeadership cDrivingMajor
56 SuitManipulationMajor Major suit handling 2 Human technician Minor civil engineering T_HeavyDutySuit SuitProductionBoosterII cSuitManipulationMajor
48 SurveyingMajor Major surveyor 3 Human technician Minor planetology PyrotechnicsMajorEffect cSurveyingMajor
52 WeaponsmithMajor Major weapon smith 3 Human technician Minor automation T_AdvancedFirearms WeaponsmithGroupMajor cWeaponsmithMajor
49 AutomationMinor Minor automation 2 Human technician T_BattleDrones AutomationMinorEffect cAutomationMinor
53 CivilEngineeringMinor Minor civil engineering 2 Human technician BaseBuildingBoosterI cCivilEngineeringMinor
57 DrivingMinor Minor driving 3 Human technician DrivingMinorEffect cDrivingMinor
55 SuitManipulationMinor Minor suit handling 2 Human technician SuitManipulationMinorEffect cSuitManipulationMinor
47 SurveyingMinor Minor surveyor 3 Human technician PyrotechnicsMinorEffect cSurveyingMinor
51 WeaponsmithMinor Minor weapon smith 3 Human technician T_Firearms WeaponsmithGroupMinor cWeaponsmithMinor