Game ID: MoreBeastmen This event happens 168 hours (6 days 20 hours) after Al icon event.png Gate Opened event, and requires that Icon tech planetology.png Hyperspace Gates be researched.

If the ⚔ First Hyperspace Gate was left expired, and if the research is done in time, this event will happens at around 2053-05-10 20:00.


This event describes that there are multiple Hypergates, and how they can be disabled. This is just a helpful notice, as the gates can be destroyed after researching Hyperspace Gates, possibly before this event happens.

Previous event: Al icon event.png Gate Opened


Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg
Latest events confirm our hypothesis, that more than one hyperspace gate opened on Mars and the Beastmen are spreading from them.We tried to contact them with peace proposals, but they do not react.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg
We have no choice but to prepare for war. The enemies are many, but that is no reason to give up. We have lost one home already, we must not lose another. Can’t we close those gates somehow?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg
According to the images that are available, the device providing energy near the gate would need to be destroyed.
Al icon pc neil barker.jpg
Our demolition expert may accompany our troops, and destroy the device with timed explosives.
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