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Al icon suit heavy battle suit.jpg Heavy Battle Suit, Human Heavy Suit Game ID: 10, HumanHeavyBattleArmour
Suit Addon 2 Weight 25 kg
Bag 1 2x4 Bag 2 4x4 Bag 3 2x4
Technology Icon tech planetology.pngHeavy Armored Suit Factory Al icon building precision engineering.jpgPrecision Engineering Resource Level 5Al resource energy.pngEnergy12-15
Level 4Al resource metal.pngMetal8-11
Level 3Al resource noble metal.pngNoble Metal4-7
Production 10.5 Assembly 5.25

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 4
Views and slots

Projectile 72%
Fire 50%
Melee 75%
EM 20%
Psionic 10%
Explosion 75%
Laser 72%

Heavy Battle Suit is the heavy suit with lowest Environment Hostility Resistance, but has very good protection and capacity.

Game Description[]

This armor offers the best protection in combat, but is only average as far as the environment is concerned. Two add-on slots enhance the soldier's abilities when wearing this suit.
Only soldiers with Major suit wearing training can wear this armor. Heavy armors are more bulky and soldiers wearing them are not able to pass through some narrow passages.