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Technology Heavy Duty Suit Game ID: 246, T_HeavyDutySuit
Man-days 50 Category Icon tech planetology.png Planetology
Icon tech planetology.pngSurvival Methods Al icon building mars simulation.jpgMars Simulation
Description Our soldiers cannot take part in missions to regions with a hostile environment. We should develop a suit enabling this.
Result This heavy-duty suit offers better protection against combat damage and is especially adapted to prevent damage caused by the harsh environment. Although it is a bit cumbersome and the soldiers have to get used to wearing it, they can now go to places where they would have previously died.
Al icon suit heavy suit.jpg Heavy Suit 8 man-daysEnergy 3Metal 3 Al icon training major suit wearing.pngMajor Suit Wearing (2)
Al icon training major suit handling.pngMajor Suit Handling (2)
Icon tech medicine.pngLifesupport (42)
Icon tech planetology.pngHeavy Armored Suit (30)