Hospital Ward

Al icon building hospital ward Hospital Ward Game ID: 404, Ward
Building Type Interior Capacity 1 soldier Can demolish? Yes
Size 1 block Man-hours 30 (1.22 man days) Can have multiple? Max. 20
Requirement Level 2Al resource chemicalChemical2-3
Enables Heal a soldier's permanent hp damage at 1.05% per hour.

Each hospital ward can take care of one organic soldier, healing him/her/it at an accelerated rate.

Moderately or heavily wounded soldiers will be automatically move to a ward, or you can manually moves them in the heal tab on the people screen. Recovered soldier are unassigned regardless of previous assignment.

Soldiers also naturally recover permanent damage at a lower rate, even when not staying in ward. Building a Al icon building surgerySurgery will double the wards' healing rate to 2.1% per hour.

Initial Edit

The game starts with 1 Hospital Ward.

Game Description Edit

Each hospital ward can host one soldier needing medical treatment to fight at his or her full potential.
Soldiers in wards regain their lost permanent hit points.