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Hospital Ward

Al icon building hospital ward.jpg Hospital Ward Game ID: 404, Ward
Building Type Interior Capacity 1 soldier Can demolish? Yes
Size 1 block Man-hours 30 (1.22 man days) Can have multiple? Max. 20
Requirement Level 2Al resource chemical.pngChemical2-3
Enables Heal a soldier's permanent hp damage at 1.05% per hour.

Each hospital ward can take care of one organic soldier, healing him/her/it at an accelerated rate.

Moderately or heavily wounded soldiers will be automatically move to a ward, or you can manually moves them in the heal tab on the people screen. Recovered soldier are unassigned regardless of previous assignment.

Soldiers also naturally recover permanent damage at a lower rate, even when not staying in ward. Building a Al icon building surgery.jpgSurgery will double the wards' healing rate to 2.1% per hour.


The game starts with 1 Hospital Ward.

Game Description[]

Each hospital ward can host one soldier needing medical treatment to fight at his or her full potential.
Soldiers in wards regain their lost permanent hit points.