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Al icon pc jacqueline wells.jpg Jacqueline Wells, Female HumanGame ID: 16, Jacqueline Wells
Voice Cast: Dian Perry
Character Name Jacqueline Wells Nick Jackie Class Technician
Title Production Manager When Stressed
Relationship Friends Al icon pc vera schrooten.jpgVera Schrooten
Families Al icon pc mark wells.jpgMark Wells
Starting Level Technician 5 Training -
Condition Al icon event.pngGame Start
Honorary Facility Jackie's facility


Jacqueline Wells is like a black fountain bubbling with the joys of life. She offers a constant stream of jokes and good humor. Jacqueline is in charge of the colony's technical section and carries out her duties with charm and good grace; nobody has ever complained about anything. She is good friends with Vera Schrooten, first lady of the colony.