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Technology Laser Weapons Game ID: 269, T_LaserWeapons
Man-days 30 Category Icon tech reticulan.png Reticulan
Icon tech reticulan.pngReticulan Technologies Al icon building shooting range.jpgShooting Range
Description Laser can be very an effective weapon, especially against enemies immune to projectiles.
Result Our researchers have created blueprints for two types of laser weapon – the rifle and cannon. We were not able to find a way of producing a one-handed laser weapon, so we'll have to rely on Reticulan laser pistols.
Al icon weapon laser rifle.jpg Laser Rifle 3 man-daysNoble Metal 1Crystal 1
Al icon weapon laser cannon.jpg Laser Cannon 4 man-daysEnergy 4Noble Metal 2Crystal 3
Al icon weapon robot laser rifle.jpg Robot Laser Rifle 3 man-daysDrone AssemblyNoble Metal 1Crystal 1
Al icon weapon robot laser cannon.jpg Robot Laser Cannon 6 man-daysDrone AssemblyEnergy 4Noble Metal 2Crystal 3
Al icon ammo robot battery.jpgRobot Battery 1 man-daysDrone AssemblyEnergy 3
Icon tech earth.pngCooling (33)
Icon tech reticulan.pngPower Lasers (45)
Icon tech reticulan.pngReticulan Energy Sources (70)