UFO: Afterlight wiki

Game ID: ConnectionLost This fixed event happens 48 hours (1 day 23 hours 21 min) after game start, at roughly 53-04-23 04:45.


It state that communication with Laputa is lost and enables the research of Icon tech earth.pngCommunication with Earth.

Previous event: Al icon event.pngGame Start
Next event: Al icon event.pngContact with Servants


Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg We made a new attempt to contact the Council of the Earth, as we ceased communication after our previous... well, misunderstanding. Anyway, the Laputa communication facility appears to be not functional, as we have not received any response. The emergency plan for this situation requires us to build a standby communication satellite.
Al icon pc neil barker.jpg It takes but a few days to build such a device, we just need to check a couple of technical details.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg No trouble for my staff, everything should be in the records brought from the Earth.