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Technology Magnetic Pulse Grenades Game ID: 328, T_EMGrenades
Man-days 60 Category Icon tech martian.png Martian
Al icon weapon martian pulse grenade.jpg Martian Pulse Grenade Icon tech earth.pngCombat Explosives
Icon tech martian.pngEM Weapons Handling
Description It would be great to have weapons able to cause EM damage to a greater number of enemies simultaneously.
Result We have applied the principles of electromagnetic pulse manipulation in a way Martians have never managed. It shows the greatest strength of the human race - our will to survive whatever the circumstances that we find ourselves in. After impact the EM grenade releases a strong electromagnetic pulse, badly hurting all susceptible victims in its vicinity.
Enables Al icon weapon pulse grenade.jpg Pulse Grenade 1 man-daysEnergy 4Metal 1Crystal 2