UFO: Afterlight wiki

Martamphetamine strongly increases a character’s agility and also slightly increases his or her strength for the duration of combat. Unfortunately, after its positive effects wears out, some negative after effects develops.

Martamphetamine can be loaded into a medkit. Only scientists with major Medicine training can use it.


Unsure which patch change it but as of patch 1.7, this drug raise two level of each skill across the board, aka from Supernatural upto Extra Divine. Guessing from that it raise two point on each stat across the board. This is the effect of Supervitamins.

For comparison, this raise all skill and stat mean it can be used liberally for each member and each type of soldier. We no longer have to differentiate ramirezol for shooter and hypersteroid for melee. However, melee fighter benefit the most from it due to the way they make use of multiple stat/skill compared to ranged shooter.