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Technology Martian Drones Game ID: 216, T_MartianDronesUse
Man-days 45 Category Icon tech martian.png Martian
Requirements Icon tech earth.pngBattle Drones
Icon tech martian.pngCrawling Drone Disassembly
Icon tech martian.pngFly Drone Disassembly
Description The data we have got by disassembling Martian drones will made it possible to include them in our squads once we have done some application research.
Result From now on, Martian drones can be included in our combat squads. We need to find the chassis and the turrets, which can then be repaired once back at the Base. The turret is equipped with our robotic weapons and then the Martian drone can be sent back into battle to fight together with our units.
File:Al icon ammo martian spare parts.jpgMartian Spare Parts 1 man-daysDrone Assembly Icon tech martian.pngMartian Drones' Control (99)


This research enable an event that will automatically assemble ALL current and future Al icon loot martian levitating drone wreck.jpgMartian Levitating Drone Wreck and Al icon loot martian crawling drone wreck.jpgMartian Crawling Drone Wreck to join the team as Al icon pc levitating drone.jpgLevitating Drone and Al icon pc crawling drone.jpgCrawling Drone. If you've been collecting the lot of them, there might be tens of Martian Drones joining your roster. if you dont want that, you can throw the wrecks into the Trash to hide.