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The Matriarchs holds the highest rank in the Beastmen's hierarchy. One of the most impressive opponents you can fight on the battlefields.

UFO Afterlight Matriarch.jpg

Although we call them matriarchs, it cannot be said that these creatures are female. They were biologically modified to be the perfect chiefs - strong, skilful and cunning. If the normal Beastmen soldiers are a very dangerous enemy, this is twice as true of the Beastmen's matriarchs. She is very agile, dodging most of the attacks. When hit, she is not easily hurt, with the exception of laser damage and probably psionic attacks.

Matriarchs feature highest Dodge skill you can see. Sometimes matriarchs have toughness major feature, of being able to stand and fight even with red HP bar. There is no visible sign to warn of such formidabble fighter.

Martriarchs can hold a variety of weapons depending on Beastmen's strength of that particular battle.

Beastmen Cannon is the most common seen weapon. Due to her very high skill level, its range and damage is more impressive than Chief or Captain's usage. In fact, a Matriarch with Beastmen Cannon loaded with paralyzing ammo is the worst opponent you can meet in this game.

Beastmen Big Rifle. A very dangerous sign because a Matriarch can be the best/worst sniper you can meet.

Beastmen Plastic Mine. A suicidal/area denial weapon. Sometimes the Chiefs and Martriarch take this out to ensure the surrounding human melee fighters are not going to get away unscathed. Either shoot her dead before she complete deployment, AND/OR run away immediately.

Martian Plasma Cannon. A Matriarch holding this looted weaponry can be a fearsome threat to human in formation, but dealt properly it's less dangerous than Big Rifle due to to its bullet's slow velocity. In close quarter its flamethrowing effect is heavy hitting.

Note: Matriarchs are reported to respond to grenade attacks (sometimes, not always) by moving nearer to targets, even if they are hit with tiny damage. Acid/paralyzing bullets cause noticeable effect. Delibitating ammo can cause an icon on her portrait, but the effect is not as noticeable as others'. Three major skirmisher users melee on one is still a losing action. Laser/warp cannon and Reticulan laser guns are early-middle stage weaponry that work well. Reticulan psi rocket should have worked very well on her but her running speed usually get her out of landing zone.