Technology Medicine Game ID: 200, T_Medicine
Man-days 8 Category Icon tech medicine Medicine
Requirements -
Description We need to extend our medical knowledge so that it can be used in battle.
Result The easiest way to treat our soldiers whilst in their spacesuits on the battlefield, is to inject regenerative and analgesic substances into their blood. This treatment does not heal permanent damage, but it enables them to cope with temporary injuries.
Al icon device medkit MedKit Icon manday 3Al resource metal 1
Al icon ammo first aid setFirst Aid Set Icon manday 1Al resource chemical 1
Al icon training minor toughnessMinor Toughness (2)
Al icon training major toughnessMajor Toughness (3)
Icon tech medicineStimulants (31)
Icon tech medicineLifesupport (42)
Icon tech medicineAdvanced Medicine (90)