UFO: Afterlight wiki

Game ID: MoonRequest This event happens 36 hours after Icon tech martian.pngMartian Astronomical Model research is finished, and after Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa.


The meeting enables Icon tech reticulan.pngUFO Cosmic Flights for research. A moon mission will also show up on screen, but it cannot be undertaken until cosmic flight has been researched.

Previous event: Al icon event.pngMartian Archive , Al icon event.pngContact with Laputa
Next event: Al icon event.pngReturn From Moon .


Al icon pc mary osakwe.jpg Our new Earth allies from Laputa would greatly appreciate it if we continue with our astronomical research. They will be most pleased if we set up a journey to the Mars moons. They are purported to have some relation to the events on the Earth.
Al icon pc jacqueline wells.jpg We might be able to use our UFO for this purpose.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg My team may suggest necessary modifications as soon as we have a little time.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg We should definitely send a few soldiers to accompany the scientists. We would not want to risk some unpleasant surprise.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg It may seem like a waste of time, but some information might be directly useful in our war against the Beastmen, for example some intelligence images from orbit.