Technology Moons Data Analysis Game ID: 272, T_MoonDataAnalysis
Man-days 33 Category Icon tech planetology.png  Planetology
Requirements Al icon building supercomputer.jpg  Supercomputer
Al icon loot artifact fb791.jpg Artifact FB791
Al icon loot artifact fr168.jpg Artifact FR168
Description Our scientists brought back a lot of data from their voyage to Mars' moons. We need to do a complete analysis before it can be used.
Result Two important discoveries were made on our mission to Phobos and Deimos. The first concerns the moons themselves - these are actually the gigantic organisms that came to Mars millions of years ago and brought with them a mysterious civilization. Martians have lately inhabited one of the moons. Everything points to the fact that Mars has been affected by the same disaster that struck Earth 50 years ago. The voyage's second success was obtaining photo shots of Mars' surface. Now, we know the locations of all hyperspace gates and the Beastmen's main fortress.
Enables Al icon event.png Moon Data
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