Al icon weapon pistol Pistol, one handed firearm Game ID: 25, HumanPistol
Weapon Size 2x2 Weight 3.0 kg Deploy 0.3 s
Technology Firearms Factory - Resource Level 1Al resource energyEnergy1
Level 1Al resource metalMetal1
Production 3 Assembly 3
Al icon ammo projectile magazineProjectile Magazine Capacity 25 Weight 0.5 kg
Skill level Pathetic Weak Average Good Outstand. Heroic Supernat. Divine
Reload time 5.0 s 4.0 s 3.2 s
Single Aimed Ammo 1 Damage 33 Projectile in 16 m Skill Aiming
Time 1.1 s 0.9 s 0.7 s
Accuracy 60% 69% 77%
Single Snap Ammo 1 Damage 33 Projectile in 16 m Skill Snapshot
Time 0.5 s 0.4 s 0.3 s
Accuracy 27% 36% 46%
Add-ons Visor -
Muzzle Accelerator, Silencer
Unberbarrel -

Game Description Edit

The lightest projectile weapon developed by our researchers. It only has a limited range and deals small amounts of damage, but it only needs to be held in one hand, leaving the other free for other equipment.
Human pistols must be loaded with human projectile ammo. They can either shoot single bullets using aimed or snapshot modes.