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Al icon training minor psionic weapons.png Al icon training major psionic weapons.png Psionic Weapons, soldier training
Human Reticulan Martian Robot
Minor Training {{{h1}}} points 3 points {{{m1}}} points {{{d1}}} points
Requires {{{req1}}}
Effect Can use confuse and injure mode with Al icon weapon psionic weapon.jpg Psionic Weapon.
Can use Al icon device psionic healing device.jpg Psionic Healing Device.
Major Training {{{h2}}} points 4 points {{{m2}}} points {{{d2}}} points
Requires {{{req2}}}
Effect Can use File:Al icon device mind controller.jpg Mind Controller.
Internal ID {{{h1_id}}} Game ID: 59, PsionicEquipmentMinor {{{m1_id}}} {{{d1_id}}}
{{{h2_id}}} Game ID: 60, PsionicEquipmentMajor {{{m2_id}}} {{{d2_id}}}

Game Descriptions[]


Reticulans with this training can use psionic weapons in all their modes - stunning, confusing and injuring. They can also heal with the appropriate psionic tool.


This training enables the mind controller to be used as a special psionic equipment.


Psionic devices works through obstacles and has zero friendly fire chance, making them very useful at higher difficulties. There are not many reticulan soldiers available, so they should all get the minor training, although perhaps not the first training.

Major is even more fun, like commanding a Matriarch to gun down the chiefs then stand on a deployed dynamite. But the cost is steep, so other trainings can also be considered first.