UFO: Afterlight wiki

In UFO:Afterlight you need strategic resources to perform various strategic activities including construction, research, production, or simply to maintain life in the Base.

Strategic resources are counted by levels. The more resources unit you control, the higher level you have in that resource, and character activities will not reduce resource level. Maximum level of resources can be had by mining is 7 no matter how many unit you can mine. Icon tech planetology.pngWarehouse put no limit to level of resource level from going up to 7 The problem is, once you trade a level of resource away, say Fuel, the only way to get to 7 is Fuel Store aside from going to war to disrupt the trade.

The only way to lost resources is by exchanging resources through diplomacy or actually losing resource supply.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Name Tiny Small Limited Adequate Large Impressive Abundant
Resource Units 1 2-3 4-7 8-11 12-15 16-19 20+


When the game begins, there are five resources:

  • Al resource metal.pngAl resource metal rich.png Metal: Mined.
  • Al resource fuel.pngAl resource fuel rich.png Fuel: Mined and quite abundant.
  • Al resource chemical.pngAl resource chemical rich.png Chemical: Mined.
  • Al resource energy.png Energy: Produced by power stations in the home base.
  • Al resource water.png Water: Supplied by the water pipe and as long as enemies are not controlling the pipe, you would do fine


After researching Icon tech reticulan.pngReticulan Technologies, two new resources will show up. Then their mines can be researched, and they are required for advanced productions.

After terraformation progress at 48%, AL:Advanced Mining (Tech) is enabled. Research this to allow building advanced mine facilities on top of existing mines that doubles production.