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Technology Reticulan Autopsy Game ID: 262, T_ReticulanAutopsy
Man-days 18 Category Icon tech autopsy.png Autopsy
Al icon loot reticulan corpse.jpgReticulan Corpse Al icon building pathology department.jpgPathology Department
Description By dissecting a Reticulan's body, we could learn a lot about their anatomy and physiology and use this data in combat.
Result The Reticulans are physically a weak race, relying mostly on their hi-tech equipment and psionic abilities. They cannot withstand much damage and are easily hurt especially by explosives, on the other hand they are resistant to lasers. They can detect our soldiers with their psionic senses. Our soldiers can be taught which parts of the Reticulan’s bodies are the most effective to hit.
Al icon training minor reticulan anatomy.pngMinor Reticulan Anatomy (2)
Al icon training major reticulan anatomy.pngMajor Reticulan Anatomy (2)
Icon tech interrogation.pngReticulan Soldier Interrogation (18)
Icon tech interrogation.pngReticulan Commander Interrogation (18)
Icon tech interrogation.pngExpedition Commander Interrogation (25)
Icon tech interrogation.pngExpedition Soldier Interrogation (30)