Al icon weapon reticulan laser pistol Reticulan Laser Pistol, one handed laser pistol Game ID: 31, ReticulanLaserPistol
Weapon Size 2x2 Weight 1.0 kg Deploy 0.3 s
Technology - Factory Cannot be produced Resource -
Production - Assembly -
Al icon ammo reticulan batteryReticulan Battery Capacity 20 Weight 0.5 kg
Skill level Pathetic Weak Average Good Outstand. Heroic Supernat. Divine
Reload time 5.0 s 4.0 s 3.2 s
Single Aimed Ammo 1 Damage 20 Laser in 26 m Skill Aiming
Time 2.0 s 1.7 s 1.5 s
Accuracy 83% 88% 92%
Single Snap Ammo 1 Damage 20 Laser in 26 m Skill Snapshot
Time 0.8 s 0.7 s 0.7 s
Accuracy 60% 69% 77%
Add-ons Visor -
Muzzle -
Unberbarrel -

Initial Edit

The game starts with 2 of this weapon. It and its ammo cannot be produced, but they can be looted from Reticulans.

Game Description Edit

A Reticulan one-handed laser weapon.
Reticulan laser pistol takes energy from Reticulan batteries. It can either shoot using aimed or snapshot modes and deals laser damage.