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Game ID: FirstAquaductAttack This event happens 60 hours (2 day 10 hours 42 min) after game started, roughly at 53-04-23 16:45.


It stress the urgentness and technician requirement of the aqueduct mission, which comes with this event.

Previous event: Al icon event.pngGame Start
Next event: Al icon event.pngAfter First Aqueduct Mission


Al icon pc neil barker.jpg Something or somebody damaged the pipes bringing water from the North Pole. I am afraid that our reserves will not last for more than three days. We must repair them or we are all going to die!
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg May it have a bearing on the latest events in some way?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez.jpg We have discovered no seismic activity, meteor fall or anything that might cause damage this large. Nothing like this has happened ‘til now. Therefore, we are definitely bound to assume some relationship.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten.jpg In this case, I suggest sending UFO and armored crew to the place. We can't risk losing our technical team or their vehicles. From now on, this planet seems not to be as safe as it used to be.
Al icon pc jacqueline wells.jpg Somebody from the technical staff should come with the UFO, to mend everything at least a bit.

Follow Up[]

Second attack at Baltus will happen on 2053-04-27 02:00, regardless of whether the territory is under human control.